Single-footing Horse סוסי סינגל פוט , הגדרת הזן המיוחד הזה.


Single-footing Horse is well on its way to becoming a performance- based "breed" registry. What makes the true single-footing gait unique? Ideally the gait is an intermediate 4 beat gait and is very near even in timing. It can be performed at a huge range of speeds from a relaxed trail speed of 7 to 9 mph, to a ground eating road gait speed of 12 to 15 mph, to the breath taking racing single-foot (and the speed at which the name "single-footing" comes from) of over 20 mph. At the fastest speeds these horses will be traveling with one foot on the ground at a time, thus the name "single-footing".
Single-Footing Horses come in all sizes and colors. In 1991 an organization was started for the production of ranch horses, pleasure and competition trail horses, and versatility horses that travel with a true old style traveling single-footing gait.