EZD's Falcon Rowdy איזידי פלקון ראוודי

The first thing that probably caught your attention about EZD's Falcon Rowdy was his general great looks and his unusual shimmering dappled dun color But-the thing that held your attention on Rowdy was the amazing ability of this rare horse. He is the foundation sire with the American Racking Horse Association and the North American Single-Footing Horse Association. He was twice-World Champion Speed Racking Flat Shod at Decatur, Alabama, in 1976 and 1983.The second time at age 14.He was shown on a very limited basis and often made long trips in the bed of a pickup, anything but a pampered show horse. Other times he went to the races after a 45 mile mountain ride to get to the race. he raced on tracks against all challengers in many states. On a standard breed track in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada in 1974 at 67 degrees below zero and he worked cattle and horses in California in 123 degree heat, and covered thousands of trail riding miles. He competed in rodeo events on weekends. ROWDY can rack or single foot as fast as horses can run and to prove it he is THE horse clocked at a burst of speed of 51 MPH at Texas A&M. It is no wonder the crowd went wild with his World Championships in Speed Racking and they only probably knew about a small portion of the life of this great horse. As John Demetris said, "He never lost heart, never gave up, always trying to please, even at times when I felt it was hopeless. He has taught me many valuable things about life. For this and other considerations, I give my respect and admiration to a true friend." This text above was taken out of the 1996 World Racking Horse show program book at Decatur, Alabama. It was written by John Demetris John was a true friend and a great horseman. It was not just the horse but a combination of Rowdy and John that made the name EZD's Falcon Rowdy what it is. Jeff B Stanley